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What Can Jill Do For You as Event Emcee?

  • Kick off your event with connection, humor and instant audience engagement

  • Provide direction for breakout sessions, meals, breaks and keep the momentum going between segments with humor, entertainment and meaningful antidotes

  • Professionally introduce your presenters and wrap up the segments afterwards

  • Moderate Q & A sessions or panel discussions

  • Jump in and keep the event on track whenever there are inevitable hiccups

  • Tie everything together as a unifying presence

Jilly Renee is an experienced, energetic, entertaining emcee who will partner with you to ensure that your attendees are engaged throughout your event. Jill is the glue that connects all the segments together, keeps everyone energized and informed, and jumps in to entertain your audience between presentations, or whenever there are technical issues or scheduling delays.

Mistress of Ceremonies

More Ways Jill Can Enhance Your Event:

  • Presenter reception the evening before the event

  • Green room hosting during the event

  • Personalization of presenter introductions

  • Small Meeting Facilitation

    • Opening address to set the expectations and goals

    • Moderation of constructive conversation

  • Guided brainstorming

Support Services to get the
best from YOUR presenters

  • Small group workshops focusing on one or more of the following:

    • What you say when you don’t say a word

    • The importance of the pause

    • Everyone just wants to be liked and why that matters

Leadership Workshops

Jill’s motivational and inspirational keynote addresses draw on a lifetime of experiences gained through balancing an intense 35-year career in emergency medicine with complicated personal relationships and high-octane outdoor adventures.

Keynote Addresses

Jill’s life is a colorful tapestry woven from the threads of her professional triumphs, her gutsy outdoor pursuits, and like so many, from personal challenges and tragedies. Jill draws on
lessons learned from toxic romantic relationships, the illness and death of her parents, and most of all, from her young son’s heart-wrenching diagnosis with a chronic and life-altering medical condition.

Now, she weaves those experiences in with entertaining tales of snowmobiling, skiing, scuba diving and traveling the world into lessons on how to:
Live Free From Fear
Live With an Open Heart
Live a Conscious Life
Live as if it Could End in an Instant
Live a life that Ignites your Spirit
Live in Service to Others


In short, how to:
Live All The Minutes

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