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Are you a force for good or for ill?

You ARE a role model. You ARE a leader. In your workplace, your families, your organizations, your places of worship, even the grocery store. You are setting an example and teaching others how to behave, whether you realize it or not.

The real question is, what KIND of leader and role model are you? Are you positive, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging? Or are you negative, demoralizing, discouraging? You ARE sending a message in everything you do to everyone in which you come into contact. You ARE affecting those around you so ask yourself, are you a force for good or ill?

Just as you are influencing others, you are also impacting yourself through the thoughts you have and the self-talk that you allow to run through your mind. YOU are dictating your reality. If you set a positive mind-set and act with positivity, you will see positive responses in return. You will begin to recognize all the good in your world. Conversely, if you have a negative mind-set and allow negativity in your actions, you will get negative responses in return. The world will look to be a very negative place.

Think about the last time that you bought or were considering buying a new car. That type of vehicle rose to the forefront of your mind. Mine was a Saturn Sky. They are relatively uncommon because they were only made for a short time, but I saw them everywhere suddenly. When you purchased your last new car, didn’t you notice similar ones in every parking lot and while driving down the street?

Just like that car, if you look for opportunities to extend a kindness to others, you will see countless chances to do so. If you look for opportunities for success, you will find open doors around every corner. If you look for the good in others and in the world, that is exactly what you will find. Be aware, that is also works in reverse. If you are looking at the world through negative eyes, that is also exactly what you will find.

Guard your thoughts and set your intention every day to seek and find the life that you want to live. Guard your actions and activities to ensure that the message you are sending to others is what you wish to impart. You ARE a powerful role model and leader to yourself and to others. Make sure that you are a force for good and not for ill.

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