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All About Jilly Renee Speaks

Jill has spent more than 35 years achieving success and building leadership skills in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of emergency medicine. Navigating critical, life-or-death situations bring a huge adrenaline rush. Jill found herself drawn to the same rush off the job, in high-octane outdoor pursuits like scuba diving, backcountry snowmobiling, and skiing.

Over time, Jill learned to balance out the high-intensity aspects of her life by being intensely human and unequivocally humane. She believes that we are all leaders in some aspect of our lives, and that we can all use some coaching to make sure we’re the KIND of leader we want and need to be. Jill believes that the true mark of a leader is to focus not just on immediate outcomes, but also to focus on the human beings involved at each step. Managing anxiety and fear, treating patients and families with concern and compassion, and caring for the caregivers on her teams is rewarding and ultimately, empowering.

These are the life lessons that Jill draws on as a speaker and host. She uses these human connections and life experiences to create impactful, entertaining and memorable moments during events, workshops and conventions.

And the stories? They’ll blow your mind, make you
laugh, and touch your heart – all at the same time.

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