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Jilly Renee Speaks:
Concierge Mistress Of Ceremonies

Make your next Convention…UNconventional!

Event planners strive to create events that are memorable, engaging and unique, but no matter how much planning you’ve done, wrangling details and personalities on the day of the event can feel overwhelming.

Imagine if you could pull that off -- with a minimum of stress and struggle. That’s where Jilly Renee Speaks can help.


Whether you need a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator, or would like someone to prep ALL of the speakers and introductions for your entire conference, let Jill put a lifetime of learning, teaching, speaking (and stress-busting) to work for you.

Prepare to be Blown Away

Jill’s natural humor, powerful on-stage presence, ability to connect with her audience,
captivating storytelling and actionable take aways will leave a lasting impression on your

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Concierge Mistress of Ceremonies


Keynote Presentations

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Support Services to get the best from YOUR presenters


Leadership Workshops

Jill is a natural born speaker.  As an extreme introvert, I am always inspired by her comfort when speaking before large groups.  Her eloquence and easiness make her an engaging speaker who has the ability to capture everyone in her audience.  Not only is she a great speaker, but she is an incredible woman with great life experiences to share

Dr. Amy Ocmand,
Trauma Center Medical Director

I've listened to Jill's insight and inspiration on many occasions.  She will be an asset to any event with her stories of life and adventures.

 Sherry Maupin,
Valley County Commissioner

Jill's speaking was powerful, loaded with insight. Jill was engaging, real and useful. Very positive and provided actual tools to support good theories for leadership and management. I could listen to Jill talk for hours. Jill is honest and in-depth! Looking forward to hearing her speak in the future!

Kimberly Brown,
Idaho First Bank

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